Fantoni House-Museum

From the art workshop to the museum

The workshop

Cultural events about the history of the Fantoni family, and practical sculpture workshops

Summer workshop

These educational tours, with new themes every year, combine a visit to the Fantoni House-Museum and a subsequent workshop activity.

The tour leads children and teenagers to knowledge – through active involvement – of the Fantoni masters’ art, life and work environment, by observing its most significant themes and details.

The workshop approaches carving and sculpture through recreational and educational activities, experimenting with techniques and natural materials, and discovering creation through manual skill.

While discovering the Fantoni masters’ “workshop tricks”, immersed in the environment of the house-museum, children and teenagers will enjoy creating a small artwork to take home!

Educational workshop for schools


A guided tour of the museum with particular emphasis on themes relating to the history, techniques, materials, and the iconography of the works. The follow-up with workshops in schools will help re-elaborate and learn – through manual experimentation – the concepts gathered during the “exploration” tour.

The activities aim at both reinforcing the collaboration and manual skills and improving the creative and artistic talents of the individual.

The themes are agreed upon with the teachers in advance, in accordance with their school programs.


FILL IN the application form in this page

Only for summer educational workshops: fill in the application form available at the libraries in Castione della Presolana, Cerete, Clusone, Fino del Monte, Onore, Rovetta, Songavazzo, Comune di Fino del Monte.
The applicants will then purchase their ticket, shortly before the beginning of the activity, directly at the Fantoni Museum, entrance via Vittorio Veneto, 2.


Sculpture Workshop for Children

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