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The Fantoni picture gallery

The Fantoni picture gallery

edited by L. Rigon

catalog edited by M. Pavesi

essays by M. Pavesi e L. Rigon

Catalog of the collection of paintings acquired by the Fantoni Foundation through a donation by the Fantoni heirs in 2001. The picture gallery consists of 57 works by painters mostly coming from Lombardy or the Veneto Region (16th to 19th centuries). Prominent artists in this group are Carlo Francesco Nuvolone, Domenico and Marziale Carpinoni, Giuseppe Antonio Orelli and a possible Giambettino Cignaroli.
The publication begins with essays regarding the setting up of the picture gallery (L. Rigon) and its contents (M. Pavesi), followed by the catalog of the paintings (M. Pavesi). An appendix, devoted to the relations between painting and sculpture, presents the correspondence between sculptor Andrea Fantoni and the Venetian painter Bartolomeo Litterini (1669-1745) concerning the commissioning of works destined for churches in the Bergamo area. The last essay is devoted to Ticinese painter Giuseppe Antonio Orelli (1706-1776 ca.) — present in the Fantoni picture gallery with an important painting depicting Abraham and the three angels — and to the drawings the painter created for the Alzano Lombardo workshop of Giuseppe and Caterina Caniana preparatory to the execution of the wooden marquetry of the choir and officiants’ pews in the parochial church in Zanica.
pp. 167, color photographs
Published by Fondazione Fantoni, Rovetta, 2012

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